If your child was nearly killed by a car for simply trying to ride their bicycle to Druid Hill Park, what would you do? TAP Druid Hill is sharing the testimony of Dave Pierre, a concerned father who is recovering from just such a terrifying experience.

Read Dave’s story and sign the petition to demand immediate pedestrian safety improvements for Druid Park Lake Drive and Auchentoroly Terrace.

Dave Pierre son in park

Saturday, August 8, 2020 12:45 PM: My eldest son Zion is 8 years old. Zion is thoughtful, charismatic, handsome, and extremely intelligent. He aspires to be an engineer one day so that he can create solutions to some of our society’s most complex issues. I intend on nurturing him and supporting him to actualize that dream should he decide to pursue it.

Zion’s life was almost cut short today due to an irresponsible and reckless driver. Despite the traffic light being red and the walking signal sign flashing white, a car came dashing north on Druid Park Lake Drive (DPLD) with what appeared to be a lack of intention to stop until he must have realized there was a child riding on their bicycle to cross to Linden Ave.

The car came to a screeching halt a few inches away from me. The Universe had other plans for us today. I am not a deeply religious person but as I watched Zion cross the thoroughfare unscathed I could only give thanks to the Most High.

I felt frozen and helpless. I shook my head at the driver and followed Zion all the way home gazing at his thin athletic build wondering if he would have survived such a detrimental impact. Unfortunately I do not think he would’ve stood a chance.

I am calling for DOT, our district representatives, and neighborhood agencies to immediately address this perennial pedestrian safety issue at the Linden Ave/DPLD , Madison Ave/DPLD/Swan Drive, and Auchentoroly/DPLD cross-sections. Especially given the fact that the current Pandemic has led to hundreds of individuals and families crossing these dangerous intersections to exercise and/or enjoy our nation’s third oldest urban park.

Lastly, let me not even begin to turn the pages of history back to when our City decided to annex predominately Black and Jewish communities from the many pleasantries of Druid Hill Park via Interstate 83 and Druid Park Lake Drive in the spirit of “easing” traffic commuting issues. While we can’t erase these past infractions we can use this opportunity as a way to protect residents and improve pedestrian access to the park.

For now I am overjoyed and beyond grateful that I can spend another second in the presence of my son, Zion. Respectfully, A Concerned Father

– Originally posted to the Reservoir Hill Next Door website ob Saturday, August 8, 2020 12:45 PM.

Update: 8/10/2020: Our family has been overwhelmed with love and support. We appreciate all of the calls, personal messages, emails, and texts. We are not alone in how we feel and thank you for sharing how much this issue has also affected you.

Since posting this a little over 24 hrs ago I’ve heard back from some elected officials, community activists, and a reporter from the Baltimore Sun. I intend on pressing this issue until we get some concrete answers regarding how they plan on implementing immediate traffic calming measures.

PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION BELOW and share with other residents and patrons of Druid Hill Park. Help my Zion get to 100 signatures.I promised him I would.