Druid Park Lake Drive Complete Streets Design Effort

Complete Streets are streets designed and operated to be safe and accessible for all, including pedestrians, transit users, wheelchair riders, and people who rely on bicycles and e-scooters to get to work, school, and family. Each complete street is different and based on the needs of the surrounding residents and neighborhood. In 2018 Baltimore City passed the most equitable Complete Streets legislation in the country. For the first time residents around Druid Hill Park can now benefit from this people-first approach to planning.

Later in 2019 Baltimore City Department of Transportation (DOT) will be launching the community-based “Druid Park Lake Drive Complete Streets” design effort to restore park access for all residents and redesign the highways around the park as neighborhood boulevards serving all residents. This study will address park access around the entire park, including Druid Park Lake Drive, Auchentoroly Terrace, Reisterstown Road, and Druid Park Drive. The schedule for this planning effort is still to-be-determined. TAP Druid Hill is working to ensure that DOT’s planning effort is reflective of community voices as we seek to convert the dangerous barrier highways around Druid Hill Park into complete streets safe and accessible for all.

Baltimore Complete Streets

Check back here for more updates on the forthcoming DOT Druid Hill Park area complete streets design effort!

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Examples of Completes Streets

The following complete streets example illustrations are provided courtesy of the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) Urban Street Design Guide.

Complete streets proposals for Druid Park Lake Drive and Auchentoroly Terrace have not yet been developed. Community input will be gathered before any designs are created.

Urban Boulevard with Bus Lanes

NACTO design guide boulevard center running bus lanes with protected curb cycle track

This example of a complete street urban boulevard features wide, ADA/wheelchair accessible sidewalks with benches, center running bus lanes with shelters, protected mobility-lanes for bicycles and e-scooters, four car travel lanes with on-street parking, beautifying landscaping, shade trees, and historic-style street lamps.

Residential Boulevard with Shared-Use Median

NACTO design guide residential boulevard with center running shared-use path on median

This example of a complete street residential boulevard features wide, ADA accessible sidewalks, a center-running shared-use path for pedestrians and wheelchair riders framed by raised bicycle/e-scooter lanes, car travel lanes with on-street parking, beautifying landscaping, shade trees, and historic-style street lamps.

One-Way Street with Curb-Extensions

NACTO design guide corner bumpouts crosswalk detai

This example of a smaller, one-way complete street intersection features curb extensions (also known as bumpouts or bulb-outs) that improve street crossing safety for pedestrians and wheelchair riders by shortening the crosswalk distance and enhancing visibility with oncoming motorists. In addition, the street includes a mobility lane for bicycles and e-scooters, a safe-speed car lane, beautifying landscaping, shade trees, and historic-style street lamps.

Baltimore Complete Streets

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