Strengthening access to Druid Hill Park through Public Art & Civic Engagement

In support of the Druid Park Lake Drive Complete Streets design effort to reconnect neighborhoods with Druid Hill Park, local resident, public artist, and OSI-Baltimore Community Fellow Graham Coreil-Allen is facilitating community-led walking tours, co-lead interactive mapping workshops, and collaborate with residents on public art for pedestrian safety.

Arches & Access

Reservoir Hill’s historic Druid Hill Park Gate at Madison Avenue will be illuminated in colorful lights and will be the starting point of a light parade and walking tour. All are invited to activate the Arches & Access light art with a community parade on Sunday, November 3rd, 5:30-9pm and walking tour on Friday, November 8, 7-9pm.

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Walking Tours

Community-led walking tours will create space for residents, seniors, youth, elected officials, and city planners learn from one another while seeking common ground for enacting equitable park access. As an extension of the New Public Sites program of creative walks, these tours will explore the history design and uses of our everyday public spaces. During the tours residents will be invited to share their most valued places and stories while identifying opportunities for public space improvement around Druid Hill Park.

171014 Mondawmin Crossings gathering at Druid Hill Park
181006 El Paso Crafting the Corridor group action
Residents of El Paso contributing their ideas for transportation and neighborhood improvement during a the 2018 “Crafting the Corridor” mobile mapping workshop.

Mobile Mapping Workshops

TAP Druid Hill will sponsor a mobile interactive mapping workshop series to engage residents who may not typically participate in traditional public planning meetings. Through these workshops we will engage communities around the park to identify shared values and generate ideas for park access and transportation improvements ahead of formal DOT-led Druid Park Lake Drive Complete Streets design effort.

Public Art

Local youth and adult leaders will be invited to collaborate on creating public art for improving pedestrian safety around Druid Hill Park. Through community design workshops residents will identify sites for traffic calming that will enhance pedestrian safety and better connect residents with the park. Residents will contribute their ideas for artwork, such as mural-filled crosswalks, creative signage, and light art showing motorists where pedestrians have the right-of-way. These low-cost interventions will have an immediate positive impact on park connectivity and public health while enabling residents and the public at large to envision long-term possibilities for safer streets.

This artistic crosswalk under development in Charles Village shows how pedestrian safety can be improved by shortening the crossing distance with “bump outs” and drawing attention to the pedestrian right-of-way with colorful imagery.

About Graham Coreil-Allen

Graham Coreil-Allen is a Baltimore-based public artist and organizer working to make cities more inclusive and livable through public art, creative walking tours, and civic engagement. As a 2018 OSI Community Fellow Coreil-Allen is working with neighbors to ensure that the forthcoming Baltimore City Department of Transportation Druid Park Lake Drive Complete Streets design effort is as reflective of community voices as possible as residents seek to convert the dangerous barrier highways around Druid Hill Park into complete streets safe and accessible for all. Coreil-Allen received his MFA from Maryland Institute College of Art and has created projects for numerous spaces, places and events; including the Baltimore Museum of Art, Washington Project for the Arts, Artscape, Current Space, ICA Baltimore, Arlington Public Art, Light City, and the Venice Architecture Biennale. The public artist lives and works on Auchentoroly Terrace in West Baltimore where he also serves as communications specialist for the New

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